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If you are interested in helping someone learn a language you speak in exchange for their knowledge of another language, you can register at the Language Swap Shop by filling out the corresponding application form online. Your offer will be posted on the offers page (e.g. “I am offering Greek, I am looking for German”). Alternatively, you can find the right conversation partner in the existing list. Then, you can arrange a first meeting with the conversation partner at a suitable time. It’s as simple as that!

If you use the form to register, your offer will appear on the offers list for a period of three months. In case you don’t find the right conversation partner within this period of time, you can post your advertisement again so that it appears for another three months.

The form fields that you fill in give your potential conversation partners all the necessary information about you and the languages you speak. Overall, seven fields have to be completed. These include your name and contact information, the languages you speak and you want to practice and your language level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For instance, select A1 level if uou are a beginner and up to C2 level (native speaker level) depending on your proficiency.

Good luck!

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