Entry requirements

The programme accepts graduates of any Greek or foreign Higher Education Institution.

The admission process at J.P.P.S. begins when a notice is published by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C.) of J.P.P.S. The admission notice is published at the administration offices and the web sites of the cooperative Schools and the website of J.P.P.S (http://www.phil.auth.gr/mait).

The entry requirements for the course in Conference Interpreting are not only very good knowledge of the native language, but also very good knowledge of two second or foreign languages supported by the programme or exceptional knowledge of one language and very good knowledge of another one, in combination with the ability to express with accuracy and fluency in public, general knowledge, update on current affairs and at least six months stay abroad. The last requirement is not necessary for bilingual candidates.

Very good knowledge of Greek is required for foreign candidates.


Applications for the course in Conference Interpreting of the Joint Postgraduate Studies Programme (J.P.P.S.) are admissible every second year, during the period from March 15th to May 15th, at a specific date which is announced on time. Applications are submitted to the Administration Office of the School of English Language and Literature, Administration Building, 3rd floor, Aristotle University Campus, 54124 Thessaloniki.

You can download the application form here.

Along with the application, you should submit a candidate’s portfolio including:


Admittance to the programme takes place through oral exams.

At first, the application is evaluated as to the candidate’s formal requirements, by a three-member committee appointed by the J.P.P.S.’s Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C.). As long as it is substantiated that the candidate meets the formal criteria, they are called to take part in the oral entrance exams.

The exams are carried out by an exam committee appointed by the S.I.C. It is possible for examiners from the Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission and the European Parliament (SCIC) to participate in the exams upon invitation.

The evaluation criteria of the exams are the following:

The pass grade is six (6) out of ten (10).

All candidates who rank equally in the last place are admitted.